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  • sRGB or Adobe RGB

    Hey guys,
    First Thanks to all who've helped me the last few months with processsing questions. Now,,,,one more time. Should I use the color space sRGB or Adobe RGB on my Canon 30D & Nikon D200???
    I'm still using Photoshop 6. I'm used to it. I shoot RAW & JPG's. Just did a test comparison and really did'nt see much difference in the 2 color spaces, although the Adobe RGB had a bit more color I think.
    Thanks again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Steve in Ky.(USA)

    PS..... Just had my Canon 30D repaired and they adjusted the focus, new shutter, etc. Now the shots are alot sharper. I think the unit was messed up when I got it (new). If anybody has similar problems, they may want to get their camera body checked out. It made a very noticeable difference.
    Click to view my pictures on Thanks!!

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    Hi Steve, stick with sRGB and make sure everything is set to it ie, Camera, PS, monitor.


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      Using the Abobe colour space is really only used if you are going to be printing your images professionally. Even companies like Photobox need your images to be in sRGB.

      You will not notice a great deal of difference between the two because your viewing software will 'guess' at the colours that are outside the range of the colour space you are using.



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        Hi Jid, what about if I am using Adobe (Elements 4) for edit/print ?


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          Just stick with sRGB colour space for both.