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- Bad Composition (bad framing / aircraft not centered)

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  • - Bad Composition (bad framing / aircraft not centered)

    This photo of the nose of a Ju52 was rejected because of: - Bad Composition (bad framing / aircraft not centered).

    But I see often photos of parts of aircraft, especially the nose.

    What is wrong with this photo and what can I do to improve it?


    Paul Stam

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    Hello Paul,

    it is to low in the frame, resulting in too much space above the aircraft while at the bottom it is a very unattractiv cut...

    Simply move the aicraft higher in the frame and you should be fine!

    And if you want to have it perfect, remove some little jaggies at the cockpit windows and above the chess horse (but they are not significant in my opinion...)

    Hope this helps

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    Terry Pratchet


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      As Bjorn says, its too low and it would also benefit from having all of the cut off engine visible if possible.
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        A bit higher in the frame and either include the whole of the starboard engine or cut it out completely. That would give you a lovely compact shot with the attention drawn straight to the subjest.



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          Thanks for your advices.
          I made the photo without the cut of engine on the left, but the result is in my opinion not good enough to upload it to Jetphotos. So I keep the photo for myself.

          Paul Stam