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    Hi folks

    Was hoping sombody would be able to give me some pre-screenings on a fiew photos that I'm not quite shore will make it.

    First one:
    Maby a little to much stuff in the background, but I was hoping for it to get accepted anyway. Nice sunset colors though

    Second one:
    I guess it's kind of noisy, and low in he frame, but I thought the skies should be included in this shot.

    What du you guys think?

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    I just had a look at the histograms on both shots and all I can say is that they are both really contrasty. What did you do to adjust contrast and lighting?
    Number 2 is blurry too which makes it a lost cause.

    Can you post some originals?


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      I'm sorry to say that I don't have the originals. I used the following editing:
      Courves adjust
      Unsharp mask

      Can one of them be saved?


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        How you mean you don't have the originals? By 'originals' I mean the unedited versions of your photos.....


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          That's the problem. - I uploaded the pics from my camera, and when I started editing them, I saved the editied versions as the same name as the originals, and that way the original version of the photo got replaced with the edited version.


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            Eerrrm.......yea.....I guess you learned your lesson. Have you checked if they are still on the memory card of your camera?


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              Originally posted by magic48
              I guess you learned your lesson.
              Hehe... well - I guess I did

              Originally posted by magic48
              Have you checked if they are still on the memory card of your camera?
              I guess you're not that suprised to hear that I deleted all the photos in my camera this morning...

              I usually save the originals and editied versions in seperate files, but for some reason I didn't do that this time. I don't know exactly why


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                First one is unlevel and soft aswell.


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                  Thanks for the help
                  Do you think I should pull it out from the queue?


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                    While talking about sunset photos - Could this have a chance to get accepted:

                    I know it's kind of noisy, but anyway - could it?


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                      Nice lighting on this shot, the huge amount of noise kills it though....