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    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Have had two rejected both for uneven horizon and categories missing/wrong. Firstly can I get to see the categories of rejected pics to indentify my mistake?

    On the horizon issue, firstly the Connie

    To me the distant horizon looks level and have compared to a overlayed grid. The horizontal poles supporting the tail are vertical. Where are my eyes decieving me? It is on a slope of a hill which my be causing some problems?

    With the IL-18

    Not sure where its not level. The step supports are vertical.

    Please advise so I can re edit.

    Just blown my 100% for my last 20 or so posts.



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    In my opinion they could do with being roatated a tad clockwise, but a screener will be able to tell you.

    I have had many unlevel horizon rejections, because one of my spots is on a taxi-way that slopes down slightly, so if I use the aircraft for leveling the horizon it gets rejected, and if I use the lamposts in the background it gets rejected.


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      Dan is right, both need cw rotation. You don not see enough of the distant horizon to use it as a reference. better to use the footpath to the left as a measure for the first picture and the edge of the grass in the back in the second.

      If a plane is on a slope, it is indeed wise to take an vertical line that is in the picture to level. For instance the wall of a building or lamppost. Be carefull though, lamppost are not always straight, especially those in AMS
      If uploading a picture of a plane that is on a slope and you leveled the picture to something else, it is always wise the make a note for the screeners to tell the a/c is on a slope or ramp and tell what you used for leveling. Your changes of acceptance will improve

      cheers, Pamela


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        Thanks for the replies will have another go with the edits.