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  • Request for Help:Carl Robinson

    I have some photos to be worked on.
    Here are the ones I need
    I also have a question about this one which needs to be fixed, why is it rejected for too much color saturation? here it is

    Some of the files are too big to be uploaded on here but you can try with these here.

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    You need to play some with your scanner settings. Your scanner or scanning software is adding a lot of magenta to your photos and is also over saturating the colors. If your scanner software has a true color setting try using that. Too much magenta is common with many scanners so you aren't alone with that problem. I also noted that your prints had a few dust motes and some lint in the print. Before uploading you should try to use your photo post-processing software to clone those out of your shots.

    In any case I played with your shots a bit since most of the screeners are away right now and the ones left probably don't have time for much else right now. Otherwise I would have left it to them to reply to you.

    Here's what I came up with:


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      Heres my attempt. The Trinidad plane is a little overexposed.



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        some more rejects

        Here is another batch


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          Your picture shows a typical syndrom: lack of contrast.

          First of all, after scanning a picture (works also with original pics from digicams) open the levels to see the histogramm. In your case, it was easy to adjust colors by only playing with levels.

          Then I also increased contrast with curves and - just to see what happens - reduced noise in the cloudy background.


          Of course, results would be better, if starting from the original scan.
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            One more to deal with

            And thanks to everyone who helped me get my others up here and solving my problem with the magenta showing. Now I know what you all mean with contrast.


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              Hmmmm, nothing to do with that picture, cause all I get is: "No image matches that id number"

              Are you sure about the link?

              My photos on Flickr


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                I looks like it got deleted because of the new rejected photo. but don't worry I uploaded it to show it here for you to fix.

                here it is