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Photo Rejections Advice Please.

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  • Photo Rejections Advice Please.

    Hi all, Would it be possible to help me understanding the following rejections please

    I unerstand the cropping rejection, however I don't see any CMOS spots or understand the bad composition

    Again CMOS spots, is there anyway I can manipulate CS2 to highlight these spots?

    And finally cropping on this one; I have seen plenty of shots on the site with the wings cropped.

    Your hrlp would be greatly appreciated so that I can improve my skills.



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    1) too low in the frame. Equalize the shot and you'll see a lot of dust. Bigger spot is a little bit over the nose in front of the plane.

    2) Again use the equalize fonction on PS. A lot of dust on the right side of the plane. Even visible without equalizing.

    3) Please read this

    May I suggest that you clean your sensor ? Really looks dirty.

    Best regards


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      Hi Omar,
      when you talk about cleaning sensor, does this mean bringing the camera to the service center or like 400D that I have got self cleaning would be enough?



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        You can either take it to the shop or do it yourself. I personnaly use a blower I bought in a camera shop and I use it before all my spotting days. Works fine for me.


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          Quick typing Alex beat me to it

          Hi Si

          1. I see a dust spot just forward of the nose and up a bit, this one is clearly visible. Composition - It's low in the frame.

          2. Again visible dust spots on the right hand side of the shot about 3/4 up.

          3. I would say the "Cropping" is actually for the size/ratio. Wing tips missing are a pet hate for me I would have either cropped tighter or wider to get the whole wing in, but I'm sure this is not why it was rejected.

          To make dust more visible in CS2 "Image > Adjustments > Equalize"

          And here for Jid's super guide to get rid of them

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            Thank you all very much for the help, for info I have a 400D but it looks like the sensor cleaning system could do with little manual help!

            Thanks again.



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              These show the true extent of your problem. Those are some serious dust spots there and taking a second look, there's still more that I've missed. If I had bought a 400 and a simple manual clean doesn't cure this then I'd be tempted to have a word with Canon.

              In the top image I have placed an X against one particular spot that concerns me. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a dust spot with a halo and a dark edge around it. I don't want to scare you and I'm no expert on sensors but I've never seen that before ?
              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                Originally posted by brianw999
                I don't want to scare you and I'm no expert on sensors but I've never seen that before ?
                Well believe me we have seen WAAAYYYY worst while screening



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                  Once again thanks everyone for the help; it is amazing that with other people looking at the shots all becomes clear. I never noticed the dirt on the sensor before until it was pointed out on this thread. I gave the sensor a clean last night (wire brush is ok isn't it ) As it was such a beautiful clear morning today I ventured up to Heathrow to catch some long haulers, I am just about to have a look at the results, hopefuly the sensor is a little better, I will let you know.

                  All the very best



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                    Si, Not sure if you know this, but the best way to see how clean your sensor is. Set the aperture to f22 take a shot of a blue sky (ideal today) and then equalise the shot as discussed above. I always do a blue sky f22 every couple of weeks.


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                      Originally posted by Mark Ralph
                      a shot of a blue sky (ideal today)
                      In London ???????????????