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  • Oversharpen & Undersharpened

    Hello there,

    It's really nice to get my Martinair went through the screening procedure. The reason for rejecting this photo is oversharpen and undersharpened. So, that really makes me confuse. Is it oversharpen or undersharpened? How should I re-touch this photo to get it back on track.

    Many thanks.

    URL for the photo:

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    It is possible to get both....

    Usually this occurs when a soft or blurry pic has been taken. Too much sharpness is used to try and correct for the blur (note the Martinair titles on the side of the plane), but sometimes if you using USM the sharpening is not consistent across the pic, so you get soft parts as well.

    Looks like the highlights got blown out in the pic as well.

    Hope this helps


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      Could you post the original here please ?
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        Wow !~ Thanks for the comments.

        I will try to re-touch and upload it again.
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          The image is also suffering from too much contrast and what looks to be a red colour cast. The whites on the fuselage are over exposed, this is either a fault with the original file or a result off to much editing when using the curves of contrast tool. If you can post the original image people can advise you of whether it is able to be saved or not. It's a nice shot from a good location but if the file isn't right in the camera it might not able to be saved.

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            Looks like it was sharp to begin with. A tad too much contrast but seems fine otherwise...