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  • Too much/Too little contrast

    This was rejected because Too much/Too little contrast.Can anyone give me some help on this one. LAX I saw your post with the histogram and this one is right in the middle and neither side is touching the side panels. Help.

    This one was accepted, why one and not the other?

    Last edited by Scott; 2008-01-10, 05:02.

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    Scott the AA is a borderline case that could stand some more contrast. The Singy is just lacking in contrast it is as simple as that.

    It only takes a couple of seconds to fix the problem.

    Good luck .. Jid


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      Jid, thanks for the reply. Is that all you did was bump up the contrast? Or were there other adjustments you made? Thanks for the help.



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        just bumped up the contrast by the looks of it. I generally bring up the brightness contrast bars in CS, and then add +2 or +4 to my images.


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          Yes it was contrast only Scott but I used a slight 'S' curve not the contrast control.



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            Thanks Brenden, it already was at a 10 when it got rejected. I'll bump it a little more. Jib, thanks, what portion of the curves line did you grab to bring up the contrast? And for future reference, what is a good amount of contrast to add. I know every picture is different, but what is general rule to go by? I had it up further before I submitted it but dropped it down a little because the sky looked to artificially blue. Thanks guys for the help.



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              The rejected photo is for sure overprocessed........did you use shadow/highlight.
              It can clearly be seen around the tail and wing area, and I suspect in doing so you have also washed some detail from the aircraft.
              If you try a re edit have a look at decreasing the may help.
              We only have your edited photo to work with but all I did on this was contrast using curves, and then decreased the saturation.

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