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"similar photo" in DB

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  • "similar photo" in DB

    Does similar photo have to be the same reg as the one you are uploading?

    Reason(s) For Rejection:
    - Horizon unlevel
    - Similar photo uploaded

    Is this the similar photo the screener was referring to?

    appreicate your help.

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    Your rejection pic isn't showing.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      sorry, I deleted it after uploading it....


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        Dave, if the regos of the aircraft are the same then yes I would suspect that is why you got the similar rejection.


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          Hi Dave ,

          To answer your question - Yes it does have to be the same rego.

          This is what we see when screening. so basically we click on either rego, rego+location or rego+location+date and see what you already have , similar is deemed to be anything with the same composition and/or background. to me your hangar shot in the database looks too similar to the rejected one.

          Hope this helps explain things a little clearer for you all.


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            thanks guys, makes perfect sense. I'll need to look more of what I already have in the DB prior to uploading more of my local unit aircraft.

            thanks again!


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              No probs , this can already be done via the upload form , some may not know , to be honest I don't really look either but underneath the rego you'll find how many photos you already have in the database of that rego/airport

              I've just used ZK-NGE as an example cos I know I've shot it many times before.

              This will also make it easier to determine your own similars


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                sweet, I didn't know that short cut. Now I have no excuses

                thanks again Will!