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help with a rejection.

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  • help with a rejection.

    I did not think there was a question about this photo. i was wrong...

    It's obvious what they want me to fix but what do you guys think?

    • Bad Comp.
    • undersharp
    • aircraft cut off

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    It certainly needs to be sharpened, that's without question. A USM pass at 138% I think will do the trick. As for the Bad Comp, its an odd angle you have here. Its sort of hard to focus on the plane and whats going on in the shot. Being such an odd part of the tail area is cut off it just throws the shot off. I think if you wanted to give this shot another go I'd crop it from right behind the engine forward. I might also dodge the bottom a bit to bring out some highlights.


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      There is no question that some more sharpening is needed, as well as that the aircraft is not centered in the frame.... The reason for the "aircraft cut off" rejection is that there is no clear motive for cropping out the tail section.


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        I gave you the centre rejection, it all seems to sit in the bottom left of the frame with empty space to the upper right corner.

        Originally posted by TommyAlf
        I might also dodge the bottom a bit to bring out some highlights.
        Old school speak there Tom!