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  • Cropping/Size ratio assistance

    I awoke this morning to a lovely red email and I want to improve!
    This photo was rejected for cropping/photo edges but I can't see the white-space that must be there. This is not a comment against the screeners, this is just my confusion. The bigger problem is size ratio. I have uploaded a semi-editted version of the photo to ask the question: Can I save this?

    Thank you for all your help in advance,


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    Hey Bernie,
    The issue is that the photo is too narrow, if that makes sense. JP has gotten more strict about the height to width ratio of pictures. They need to be either 3:2 ratio or 4:3 ratio. You can enter these numbers up top (when you have the crop tool selected). This will ensure you maintain the correct aspect ratio. For example, if you resize to 1024 px wide using a 3:2 ratio, the image dimensions should be 1024x683. In the case of this image, it's too narrow, as the original height would have been 617 px.
    There's a few other issues with the image IMO. It looks blurry and the top of the wings look overexposed. It also looks like it needs some CCW rotation, but with the bluriness I don't think the image can be brought up to standards.
    I hope my explanations made some sense. If they didn't, don't hesistate to ask for clarification from me or anybody else.


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      The "cropping/photo edges/size ratio" reject reason is used to cover one or more of those three reasons.
      In your pic. the rejection is because the crop (size) ratio falls outside the boundaries of 4:3 and 3:2 crop ratio. An upload can fall inside those ratios to be acceptable here.
      A 4:3 ratio is 1024px wide by 768px high and a 3:2 ratio is 1024px wide by 683px high. Your uploads can have a height that falls anywhere between those two height figures but not outside of them. Your picture is 1024 x 636 ( which might include the copyright bar which is about 12 px ) and is therefore too short on the height aspect. This will be what it was rejected for.

      The aircraft is also a little too low in the frame for my personal liking, although I can see your thinking behind including the buildings, and I would have added a centreing rejection reason as well.

      To summarise the size aspect of the rejection....a landscape style 1024px wide picture can have a height of between 768px and 683px.
      If you are uploading a portrait style then the height would be 1024 and the width between 768px and 683px.
      I would recommend setting your crop ratio in your image processing software to maintain a 4:3 or 3:2 ratio. In this way you won't fall foul of the size issue.

      Edit: ....and Jordan posted while I was typing !!
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        Thank's for all the help guys, it's too bad this one is beyond saving. The important thing is that I learned a lot and had fun taking the photo. Now if only there wasn't 30 feet of snow covering the road out to my local airport (okay a slight exaguration), then I could get more material to work with.


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          use those snow banks to shoot over the fence



          One of the benefits of the snowfall...


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            Originally posted by Top_Gun
            use those snow banks to shoot over the fence
            Can't wait, oh well serves me right for getting a very tiny 2WD car and expecting it to work in the frozen North