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Bad composition rejection

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  • Bad composition rejection


    Not got a problem with the rejection but I'm wondering the best way to go to fix it.

    Either a tighter crop and cut off the end of the wing & stab (and maybe risk a rejection for doing so) or..

    Leave a bit more "space" in front of the nose which will let me keep the whole aircraft in shot & it will be central

    I think its a shame not to give it another go as I'm quite pleased with everything else. In fact I've had one or two rejected recently for the same reason so I'd be interested to know which way to go.

    Any tips gratefully received

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    IMO, it's a bit low in the frame. Horizontally it seems fine, but vertically, it's a bit low.


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      Thanks Ryan, now you've mentioned its really obvious.

      Oh well, an easy fix


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        Besides the crop I would say it is also a bit dark/gloomy. It would benefit from some brightening up.

        Usually I do this in PS is by bringing up the level dialog, select the white eyedropper and click on the brightest "should be white" spot in the picture.



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          Simply to low in the frame. Also there's a lovely 'smudge' in the top left corner you may want to get cleaned off your sensor.


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            To help with centreing.

            In paintshop open a picture.
            Go to "Edit"...."preferences"
            Go to "Guides, grid and slices"

            In "Grid" set the colour to bright yellow (or any bright colour of your choice but avoiding blues as they get lost in the sky)

            Set gridlines to every "33.33" and set "percent" in the box alongside.

            Set "Subdivisions" to 2.

            This will give you a grid with solid yellow boxes 3 across and 3 down. Each box will be subdivided with a dotted yellow line. This subdivision in the middle box gives a handy centre of the picture.

            To lay this guide on your picture and check centreing use "ctrl" + ' (the apostrophe key on the @ key).

            This will show the grid. Turn it off with the same key combination.
            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              Great feedback guys..thanks