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Colour different from Photoshop and image browsers

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  • Colour different from Photoshop and image browsers

    The photos below are viewed from Photoshop CS3 and an image browser.

    If you observe the photos in details, you can see the right one has more contrast and is a bit more pinkish.

    Both photos are the same. Anyone knows the reason why?

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    Usually I would check the color profiles in the photo and in Photoshop. Perhaps the photo uses a color profile, which can be read by Photoshop, while your browser simply uses sRGB.

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      I asked some of my friends to do this test and they did not have the same problem.

      What actions should I take now?


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        As mentioned above: check the color profiles used in your photo editor and in the photo.
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          The answers above are probably correct. The color profiles used in the photo, photoshop and the browser do not match.

          If this photo was taken with your own camera, you should check the color profile set in the camera.

          Set it to sRGB if you want to display your pictures on a website or print them on your home printer. sRGB is the color profile specifically designed (by HP) for use on simple printers and monitors. It is well documented, specified and widely used. Each photo editing program and each browser should be able to understand sRGB and interpret it correctly.