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Looking for "Bad Motive" feedback

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  • Looking for "Bad Motive" feedback

    Parts 1 and 2 I can understand(sort of). Any elaboration on the Bad Motive part would be appreciated. I thought this was worthwhile for examinimg McD's unique way of adding a third engine, and celebrating this rather unique item in avaition.


    Dave Brook
    Cambridge, Ontario

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    I think you'll find that the main reason for rejection was the softness/blurriness, especially the US flag and top of the fin, the exhaust and intake areas and the bit below the engine. Odd how they are soft/blurry but the world logo and "CARGO" are sharp.

    Only one of the two screeners mentioned "motive". Maybe a slightly wider crop to include more of the lower fin would work. If it hadn't been for the softness I would have considered an appeal but the softness definitely needs work. For these kind of pictures to get in they really need to be pin sharp all over.
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