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Question on an overexposed rejection

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  • Question on an overexposed rejection

    Hey guys, just thought i would ask for some advice regarding this pic. It got rejected for overexposure. I think its just the way the sun was shining on the fresh white paint on that rainy day. Is there anyway to salvage it ?

    thanks in advance,

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    Hey Saurabh,
    The picture is overexposed as shown by the way a lot of the detail on the fuselage has been "washed out". Take a look at the windows and you'll see what I mean. As far as salvaging it, it would be better to start with the original. Although if the original is too far overexposed there won't be any point in trying to save it.
    You can post the original or PM it too me if you'd like, although I'm not the best editor on these boards.
    btw, welcome to jetphotos! You have some very nice pics on here.


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      I actually think the shot is perfect. But we can stil fiddle with the settings here or there & can salvage this one easily. Email me the original file Saurabh, you already have my mail id.


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        The contrast it too hard. The histogram is clipped at both ends, which results in a partial overexposure.