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    Hello Pros,
    Years ago I shot medium format 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 film and the
    picture quality and sharpness was outstanding. Now using a Canon 30D and shooting RAW I notice when I crop down the picture from 3000 x 2000 pixels to
    1024 x 768 some of the detail, like the tail numbers gets really distorted.
    It does'nt happen all the time, just on the longer shots of larger aircraft.
    Is that just the nature of the downsizing, or should I maybe shoot in JPG at a smaller size on those 767's ?? I have noticed that almost all the shots I take out west where the air is crystal clear it does'nt seem to be a problem. Also I'm still using Photoshop 6 and a cheap software called Raw Essentials.
    Any ideas most appreciated, and I know,,,,,Move out West,,,,,Ha !!

    Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Steve (cvg)
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    What algorithm are you using when you downsize your pics?

    Bicubic Sharper should always be the choice when reducing image sizes. Regular Bicubic or Bicubic Smooth won't give you the sharpness you need.


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      Hi Steve,

      I think the best way to avoid this problem from happening is to not resize your pics down to 1024 in just one step, but rather in 2 or more steps, meaning that you could go from 3000 to 2200 to 1400 to 1024. However, remember that the more steps you apply, the more quality you'll lose...

      Hope this helps!


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        When you say "distorted", do you mean a) the proportions of the aircraft for example are off (example: aircraft looks squeezed) or do you mean b) "jagged lines"? If a) then you're doing something wrong when resizing, when b) then it's related to resizing algorhythms and sharpening settings.
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          Thanks Pros

          I definately need to sit down with someone local and watch as they fix, reduce, etc. a picture for posting. Algo rithm ?? I'm lost there.
          Here's my procedure,,,,,and my software skills are terrible. I'm actually wondering how I got any pictures posted.
          I save the full size file from RAW to JPG. Work it up as best I can, reduce the size, then sharpen it last, and then save as a new JPG for posting usually at about 1024 x 768.
          After some reading I think I should save the RAW to a TIFF, then save to JPG last for posting. In Photoshop6 there are differnt ways to save. BAseline, baseline optimal & progressive. I have no ideal on this.
          Anybody here local in the Cincinnati area that could spare a few minutes and give me some tips. Free Steak Dinner,,,,,,,Ha,,,,
          Thanks guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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            The algorithm is easy to chage.....

            go to Edit -> Preferences -> General and you will see the option in a drop down menu, choose Bicubic Sharp and your done.

            Note: This is only used for reducing image sizes....

            When increasing you need to choose Bicubic Smooth.