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    Just had this rejected for Dark/Underexposed, Unlevel, Categories.

    It was parked on a steep slope - it is as level as it can be without distorting the picture

    Underexposed - not that I can see

    Categories - As I don't know if it is a cargo or passenger aircraft, I cannot tick the cargo box, and I wouldn't class it as a Warbird. I can't think of any other category I should tick other than maybe Small Prop - which this certainly isn't!

    The two original files have been simply resized and saved as JPEG with no processing whatsoever. The lower one shows the slope the aircraft was on.

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    I'd say too, that the exposure looks ok. Horizon is hard to say, but I would rotate it a little bit cw. For the categories, you've to select the "warbird/vintage" category, refering to the category guide here:


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      Regarding to categories plz see :
      vintage would have been correct

      Horizon is hard to judge. If I look at the fence poles then, they mostly lean to the left.

      Dark/under alone would not have caused a rejection. Although a little brightening would not look bad. Using a slight curve that brightens only the midtones.


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        Good old Popham !! There isn't a flat piece of real estate for miles around there, nor is there very much man made stuff that's vertical either ! Those fence poles are very certainly not vertical. I know, I've been there !! It's a photographers' nightmare to level pics. A truly level pic (and I tried it with a levelled tripod using an inbuilt spirit level) looked well out because of the optical effect of the sloping scenery. To get a Piper Cub pic accepted here I had to rotate by almost 4 degrees from true level to make your eyes and brain believe it to be level.

        ....all of which doesn't help very much, does it Andy ?

        Visually the exposure looks OK to me although the histogram says otherwise. In fact, if you up the exposure you're going to blow out the tailfin. Completely relying on the histogram is not always a good idea.

        The screening history shows that one screener voted for the dark/under and horizon, one voted for category error and one voted accept. Based on that I'd reupload with vintage/warbird ticked and an explanation to screeners about the unlevel state of the field and the slope that this aircraft is parked on.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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          Good old Popham as Brian says !!

          Dealing with the exposure which is the real issue for me it is a classic 'white aircraft, bright sunlight' combination. The original is actually slightly under exposed which is fine for a jpeg. The trouble with just level adjustment is that you just make the whites whiter and don't really touch the dark areas. This is how I handle this sort of exposure now (alpha masks rock!)

          This would be my interpretation of your original...