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Anybody Use NeatImage?

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  • Anybody Use NeatImage?

    Curious if anyone here uses NeatImage for noise reduction on their images. I have it, it is very powerful but has a lot of settings and if you go too heavy on it you will not only take out the grain/noise but also details that you want like grass beside the runway, texture in the concrete, rivets on the plane, etc.

    Was wondering if anyone had some tips on what settings are best.

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    I use it, but I can never make it look right, no where close to acceptable quality.


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      I tried it a few times, but as you said, Bruce, it has too much settings. So I decided, that if I can't get a picture looking good with PS within a few minutes, then I skip it.

      But it would be nice to know, what others do with Neat Image.

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        I use it Bruce. I sorta have to for alot of my shots. There are a ton of settings to mess with so I'm sure you can set the level of effectivensss somehow. What I do for grass is mask that area out. Save the image. then run neat image. Then put the image back together. It works pretty good. But my suggestion is unless you have a ton of grain don't use it as it will most likely make the picture look worse than if it ahd the grain in it.
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          I use it on some of my Olympus shots, but don't find the need to with the D100.