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  • Help With 2 Rejections

    These two shots were rejected due to the horizon being unlevel. I must be going blind because I can't see it, the main focus of the shots is the airplanes which as far as I can see are level. Any help is much appreciated.
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      Both tilt to the right on the first one it is more noticeable than on the second. look at how the hills in the background are higher on the left than on the right. I held a straight edge up to them and you could tell that it leans. it should be easily correctable. good luck



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        A great way to determine level on these specific photos are the numerous light poles visible in both.

        Assume the light poles are at a 90 angle to the ground (they most likely are), so rotate the image until the light poles stand straight up, then crop as necessary.

        Another method would be to look at the edge (corner) of a building, such as a terminal, and make sure that line goes straight up and down as well. It is advised not to use taxiway edges, etc. as a measurement of level since perspective can cause distortion relative to level on items such as this.
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          Thanks for the help guys.
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