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Question on "Night Shots"

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  • Question on "Night Shots"

    Hi guys, i recently uploaded some pics that i had taken a few minutes before sunset as i was advised that they should be added as "night shots".

    My question is what pics should be considered night shots (other that the obvious ones after sunset or before sunrise). I just wanted to know this before i uploaded more shots.

    PS: Special thanks to Pamela for adding that category on one shot that i had screened today.

    thanks for the help


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    The category has a more broader defination.
    Photos shot during & exhibiting low-light lighting of dawn/sunrise & dusk/sunset and obviously full-fledged night shots would qualify for the category.

    Examples :

    Look at the windows of the 737, what can you make-out ?

    Look at the long-lenghty shadows, again what do you make-out from it ?

    Cheers - Vishal


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      Hey man thanks for the info. It will take some time for this to register in my brain but eventually i will get it correct.

      PS: What are you doing up at 3am IST ??


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        Originally posted by saupatel
        PS: What are you doing up at 3am IST ??
        We got some big-time mud-slinging & dirt-flinging going on in one of our local Indian Aviation forums so & also just had tea at a very odd hour by mistake & aint gettin any sleep as a result so i was like what the heck...........