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  • Help with a rejected pic

    Hey guys, i was wondering if you could help me figure out the best contrast for the following pic.

    PS: I will start with the original again cause i had oversharpened this one.

    thanks in advance,

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    Can you post the original please as we can't work from the reject. I'd add in "over-processed" as well to the rejection reasons....the poor plane looks as though it was attacked by a plague of neat image


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      Here is the original.


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        hey thats a beautiful shot mate.
        Mail me the original - unedited JPG file & i'll edit it & send it back to u.

        Cheers - Vishal


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          thanks vishal i will mail you the original image.

          Hey James, why does this pic deserve an "over-processed" rejection? I didnt do anything to make it look "neat". All i did was adjust the levels and just sharpen it. If the JAL people want to keep their aircraft squeeky clean then i shouldnt be penalized for it


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            It just looks as though the underside of the aircraft has had some sort of noise reduction (such as the neat-image program) as it exhibits the artefacts of a noise reduction program that's been over-used and then sharpened (basically looking washed out and a loss of details and plenty of compression artefacts). The over-processed reason can simply mean that you've gone too far in some steps of the editing process, that's all.

            I had a go at editing the shot from the one you posted and I couldn't get a final edit that I would be happy uploading unfortunately, largely due to the harsh over-lighting and an overall underexposure...sorry, maybe somone else can get something out of it.
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              Definitely oversharpened. If you equalise it you'll see a definite white outline to the entire aircraft and the JAL and JAPAN AIRLINES are jagged.

              Here's my version of your cropped original.

              Workflow was...
              Check contrast in levels. Ouch! Both ends of the graph needed adjustment.

              Create background layer

              2 x passes of USM at 100_0.2_0

              Delete sky.

              Flatten image.

              Create background layer.

              2 x passes of USM at 100_0.2_0. Erase the now jagged "JAL" and "JAPAN AIRLINES"

              Delete sky.

              Flatten image.

              Save at maximum 12 in PS. ...........this is the result

              Compared to your rejection. Not a huge difference but it doesn't have the white outline and the titles aren't so jagged.

              If your cropped "original" is indeed the original then I would disagree with the overprocessed comment although it does indeed look like its been neatimaged. This could be caused by ground reflections though ?
              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                Hey guys, i honestly mean it. I havent done anything with the image. To prove it, i have the original RAW file too. Sometimes, it just the way an image comes out i guess. I was frustrated with all the heat distortion near the airport so i had to take this shot when the aircraft was a good 5-6 miles away from the airport.

                thanks a bunch for the help editing the pic.


                PS: I have uploaded a few shots of a/c this far from the runway. Some are in the queue right now. I promise, none of them have had any manipulations other than levels and sharpening. So please dont reject them for bad-processing


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                  Lol, take a chill's not an offence to process an image, you haven't manipulated it in anyway, all I am saying that it just looks over-processed in my opinion. But what you are saying is basically the photo was taken under testing circumstances (ie heat and distance) and no amount of editing is going to rescue a photo that comes out of the camera badly in the first place. Even I have those kind of photos, but they go in the personal collection and stay in the personal collection. There's little point in trying to make them uploadable.


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                    No problem man. I am chilled . I have another 100 pics to edit so i wont waste too much time on the ones that dont make it.


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                      I would scratch that photo. The contrast is way off already and the quality is not there (heat distortion, noise, ...). Save your time and move to the next photo to edit.
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