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    Hi Guys,

    i had a few rejections where i could need some help:

    - Too much or too little contrast

    The light conditions at Heathrow where a bit hard, but i don't know
    what i should do regarding contrasts. To me the shots look ok.
    Some input on how to get them into the database is very much appreciated.

    Thank you, Thomas

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    Brilliant shots Thomas!

    The Virgin 747 looks amazing, but the colours are a bit unnatural. I think due to the wheather.
    In the past I had also a few pics rejected and for the same reason.

    The other 2 are looking good to me, but I am not a screener or even an experienced fotographer.



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      hey thomas personally id say just add a bit of contrast not a lot but just enough that would make it noticeable the shots do look a lil' soft but im not to experienced either


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        A bit more contrast will do the trick. The 747 prob could use a bit more sharpening as well to really make it pop.


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          OK, bear in mind that these examples are from your already processed pics.

          All three need a boost of contrast which is seen in the histogram. Open the histogram in "Levels" and drag the left and right baseline arrows ( the dark and highlight tone ends of the histogram ) so that they touch the baseline where the graph starts and ends.

          The results are seen here in the middle band of each picture. Otherwise, excellent compositions. As Tom says, the 747 could do with a squeak of sharpness but not a lot.

          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Thank you a lot for your answers guys!

            Especially Brian did open my eyes with the very good comparison, much

            I will rework them eventually and give them another try.