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  • Jid Workflow question

    I have a question about the Jid Workflow

    I really canīt do this, no matter what I try:

    Find this in Image > Adjustments > Curves…

    If you feel your image is a little dark in places and you do not want to increase the overall brightness of your shot try this.

    Ctrl+Alt+` then Shift+Ctrl+I

    What have you done here? Well firstly you selected everything above the tonal midrange(Ctrl+Alt+`). But it was the dark areas you wanted to adjust! So the Shift+Ctrl+I has inverted your selection leaving you with the dark areas of your image selected. Now open your Curve box (Ctrl+M) and move the midpoint of your curve to the left. Don't get carried away and move it too far!

    This will increase the 'brightness' of the selected areas. Once your happy then deselect the area (Ctrl+D).

    (end of quotation)

    When I press Ctrl+Alt+` then Shift+Ctrl+I nothing happens. I see nothing being selected.
    I use a German keyboard, but surely that canīt be the problem?

    I do get the curves screen appearing, however.

    Is there another way to reacht the Ctrl+Alt+` then Shift+Ctrl+I effect? Somewhere in the above menu?

    Or ... is there something happening with the picture that you just donīt see?
    (c.f. when selecting everything in Word, the whole text gets blue).

    Please help!

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    If you have a Mac keyboard or are using PS Elements, the keyboard shortcut won't work. In PS Elements, there isn't even a Curves function.



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      Hi z740,

      I use Adobe PhotoShop CS3 extended ...


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        Originally posted by Hinkelbein
        Hi z740,

        I use Adobe PhotoShop CS3 extended ...
        Well then in that case..........I can't help you.

        Try sending a PM to Jid or maybe searching the menus for the action that the keyboard shortcuts are supposed to achieve(like instead of CTRL + O, find the Open item on the menu, etc).

        Good luck!



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          Thatīs the problem: I donīt know what Ctrl+Alt+` is supposed to do, so I canīt find the intended action in any menu.

          I believe Shift+Ctrl+I is supposed to invert ... which I can find in the menu.


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            I suppose the problem is you're not using the american keyboard which is why the shortcut won't work. I can't really help you though...

            All I can give you is a link to a Curves tutorial:

            Hope this helps!


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              Thanks, Magic48. This might be a useful tip of yours!


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                Sorry for the delayed response. To create an alpha channel selection (Ctrl+Alt+`) without using that keyboard shortcut. Go to your channel pallet and with the rgb channel selected press to little circular icon at the bottom left of the pallet. This will create the initial selection for you.



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                  Originally posted by jid
                  Sorry for the delayed response.
                  Hey, no problem! Thanks for the response anyhow, I'll try it as soon as I come home from work ...
                  work: what a waste of time when you have tons of photo's to prepare for this database