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Out of focus backgrounds not allowed on JP?

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  • Out of focus backgrounds not allowed on JP?

    Screener's Comments: Might have worked with the mountains in focus as well.

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    It is an unusual composition for a tail shot. As the angle of the tail towards the camera is quite noticeable. It has nothing to do with the background being out of focus in general, just in that case the mountains being sharp might have made the difference for this composition.


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      Exhaust, and distance to mountains ensure that focusing on mountains is impossible!

      and I have absolutely no idea what you mean by angle of tail towards camera


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        you don't need to focus on the mountains to get them to appear in focus. If you were to use an aperture of around F16 or more, this would increase the DOF of the shot - making more of the background appear in focus. It wouldn't do anything for the distortion of the background by the APU exhaust.

        I think Stefan is referring to the tail being nearly front on to the camera, where as most tail shots on the db are side on shots of the tail.




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          Also needs CW rotation


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            Originally posted by Brenden S
            Also needs CW rotation

            As this photo contains vertical elements it is levelled to those elements as the rules of perspective state that a vertical element will appear vertical regardless of the angle of which it is viewed whereas a horizontal element will only appear horizontal if you are perpendicular to that element!

            I actually submit this photo coz it was different, lack of variety gets rather boring maybe why I find this photo interesting, aircraft is at similar angle although viewed from different perspective!


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              The "Mountains in focus" comment was mine. It was intended to be a helpful comment because your remarks on the photo specifically commented on the snow covered mountains in the background. If you title a picture like that then the viewer expects to see what you're talking about.

              The EXIF data shows that you used a shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. and an aperture of f8. On a stationary subject like this you could have come down to 1/250 sec and achieved an aperture that would have given an excellent depth of field bringing the mountains into focus. Seahawk describes what I mean in his answer.
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