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  • Request for too soft?

    So I'm pretty new to this whole aviation photography and editing thing...I figured I finally had a picture that would be good enough for inclusion in the database...yet, in a famaliar scenario, my rejection reason was "Undersharpened (soft)"

    I uploaded once, was rejected for the reason mentioned above, went back to fix the sharpness to the best of my ability, uploaded once more, rejected again for the same reason, except this time an additional rejection reason was "blurry".

    Is this shot salvageable? I personally think it is, but then again, I'm the one who took the photo!

    If somebody wants to have a go at sharpening up this photo, please do so I can see what a properly sharpened photo looks like.

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    Hey do you have the original shot? I can try to edit it. email it to me at [email protected].


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      what mode did you use to resize the image? for reducing file size always use Bicubic Sharper, thats probably why it looks soft.

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