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Equalising image as smart object

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  • Equalising image as smart object

    G'day all,

    Just been taking some RAW Images of some fantastic aircraft going past my window today.

    Brought the photo's in to the computer as NEF's and ofcourse PS opens up in CameraRAW to initially edit. From the CameraRAW I shift clicked the open button to open as a smart image.

    However...I cannot seem to equalise the image as a smart object.

    Does anyone know how to do this? It'll be great if I could do this as I could then edit with cameraRAW and PS together to produce great results.

    Warm Regards
    Gurcharan Singh Bhoday

    Speed is life... Altitude is life insurance

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    There is no need to open as a smart object. This function is really a design tool and for image manipulation, although I can give you the flexibility of changing the base RAW data. It is a lot simpler to just open the raw image make any adjustments to colour, exposure etc. Then transfer the image into PS as a 16 bit image and finish the processing off there as you would any other image.