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  • Worth an Appeal?

    Hi Guys.

    I have just had this shot rejected for Blurry and unlevel horizion.
    Do you think it is worth appealing against.
    What feature should i level against ?
    I think blurry is harsh because of the nature of the shot but if so can it be salvaged ?
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    The horizon needs to be set by running a line through the starburst lights at the bottom of the pic. The blurry rejection is down to the fact that the lights are ...... well .......blurry !

    The lack of EXIF data doesn't help so we don't know the exposure values but I would assume that the tripod, if used, was subject to some some shake during the exposure causing the picture to be blurred.
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      The picture can definately be worked upon.

      rotate it so that its level as Brian suggested. Then use the clone moderation to get rid of the blur of the lights. Might be possible.

      If it doesn't work, send me the original and I'll have a crack at it. My e-mail/msn is [email protected]

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