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Dusk shot ... too dark?

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  • Dusk shot ... too dark?

    Hi everyone
    Opinions? Worth an upload?

    thanx in advannce

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    I think it could get on, but it needs some counterclockwise rotation. It's tilted to the right a little bit.


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      Try with 0,75 CCW rotation


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        Thanx to both! I'tll be in the queue soon


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          luuurvly shot!

          Speed is life... Altitude is life insurance


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            It needs a bit of contrast attention to the histogram. Open it in levels and drag the left and right baseline arrows in until they touch the ends of the graph. Add about +10 brightness as well but be careful not to blow out that nice sky.

            This shows the difference on the right side of the pic.....

            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              Thanx Brian! I'll pull it out of the queue and start over


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                Brian, I followed your tips and this is what I came up with ... better?

                btw, I used the light pole for leveling, is it ok?

                thanx in advance


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                  Lighting looks good to me but this one is a touch soft. Try 3 passes of overall USM at 100_0.2_0 and see what you think.
                  If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                    I'm not Bryan but I do think is much better. to be sure always check the histogram, there's musnt' be any empty part in the X axys as Bryan said. nice pic from SABE by the way


                    Will I ever repeat this?


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                      Hola Sr. Gatto! I know you from some place else I think

                      Brian, thanx again for your time and imput but here's a question from a constant beginner despite having a few pics in the db:
                      what's the USM and how do I use it? (It's probably so obvious that this question is stupid, sorry

                      In any case, I just realized that the original is very close to being screened, so I'll leave it in the queue just in case, but if it gets acepted then I'll re upload the new version. (those can't get rejected right? I mean, if the newer version is NOT better, you don't lose the one already in the db?)


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                        In Photoshop...

                        Go to Filter....Sharpen.....Unsharp Mask. That's USM. Here you can set the values that I speak of.

                        Once you have used the sharpening filter it stays as the default filter unless you use another filter or close Photoshop.

                        To continue to apply sharpening use the key combination Ctrl+F ( F = last selected filter )

                        When I speak of 3 passes of USM, and this is your first use of sharpening in the session, go to Unsharp Mask, check your settings and click OK. That will be the first pass of that sharpening setting. For further OVERALL passes of sharpening just use the Ctrl+F for each pass, in this case twice more.

                        Once you have used sharpening, and provided you don't select another filter, you no longer need to go to the settings window. Just push Ctrl+F for a pass of sharpening.

                        To use selective sharpening use either the lassoo tool or the polygonal lassoo tool to select the area you want to sharpen. Ctrl+F will then sharpen only the selected area.

                        Closing down Photoshop will cause the filter chosen to default to none the next time you open Photoshop so you'll have to go to the Unsharpen Mask window to select sharpening. The previous settings will, however remain set.
                        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                          Brian, thanx for your quick response and detailed explanation

                          In fact I wasn't that way off, since I do use the sharpening mask, I just had no idea that USM was .. well, the same thing

                          I didn't know about the different passes, I usually just have one go at it, so thanx for the info!

                          I'll see to reupload if rejected or accepted


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                            Hi Alberto, I know it was you from simplementevolar

                            there's different ways to apply USM. you have to test what you feel better with.

                            nice to see you again.

                            Will I ever repeat this?


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                              It got in

                              Thanx for all your advice!
                              Now, as I mentioned earlier, what got in was the original version, with the rotation problem fixed, but I like the last version better. If I use teh re-submit option and for some reason the new version gets rejected for any reason, does te original get pulled out of the DB?

                              Again thanx to all of you!