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Bad colour. How to fix?

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  • Bad colour. How to fix?

    This one was rejected, because of bad/ strange colour.

    I agree.
    Looking to the picture now, I don't even understand why I put this one in the queue.

    Where did I go wrong in the editing process?
    Is there a possibility to fix it?

    Thanks in advance for help


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    Hi Freek,
    To me it looks as though you've over done it with the saturation during editing. Nice shot though.



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      I agree... try less saturation.

      Easy to solve with PS


      Will I ever repeat this?


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        Hi Freek,

        1) You can spot the colour cast by opening the info palet in Photoshop ( F8 ). Then hover with your mouse over an area that should have been white. In your example this can be the top of the fuselage.

        A pure white surface should have a RGB value of 255,255,255. Have a look at the RGB values in the info palet while you are hovering over the white fuselage. You can see that the the R en G chanels all say 255, which is ok but that the blue chanel is only displaying values like 230. This means that there is not enough blue in the picture (or too much yellow).

        2) There are many ways to correct this. For example, using colour balance and the auto colour (not reliable!) functions. In this case I would use the levels function (Ctrl+L). Open the levels windows and choose the white colour picker. Click on a spot that should have been white. Do the same with the black colour picker but then on a black surface (tires). Experiment a bit and you will be fine.

        Hope this helps a bit.



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          The main problem is over saturation. If you look at the histogram of each colour channel you will see that the red and green channels are running outside the graph to the right. So start with less saturation. Setting you white and black points is a good start as well. Do this using your curves box. You can also adjust the level of each colour channel (as long as there is no over saturation to start with). A little corrective work on you shot would produce this kind of result.

          Good luck .. Jid


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            Regarding black point. I've often found that using a tyre gives an odd result with the black point colour pick but a correct image with the grey point colour pick. I thought it odd that that should happen until I changed a tyre on my car one day. Christ knows why my mind went to the thought but I suddenly realised that tyres aren't actually black, they're a dark grey, especially the treads in contact with the road !!
            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              Wauw............amazing how much I've to learn about good editing.

              Thank you all for your help. I'll go back to the original pic and try to do the editing with all your advises.

              Roel and Jid; thanks to you most.
              I didn't even know that this kind of colour-correcting was possible.
              As said......there is a lot left to learn for me.