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An interesting event, what I'd like to tell...

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  • An interesting event, what I'd like to tell...

    Hello Everybody!

    I'd like to tell a very interesting story. I just got these rejection:

    for the missing s/n. I filled the info boxes automatically upon the registration, which didn't wrote the s/n in. Probably that time, there wasn't info about the s/n, it's a new registration, or some system error happened, I don't know, but one thing is sure, there's a pic in the db without the s/n:

    The pic spent more than three days in the queue, meantime somebody wrote the s/n in, and it appeared at the photos following. So that, the s/n is missing under my photo -I think- is not my fault. I did an appeal, and explained what happened as I just did above, and get the following answer from the screeneres:

    "Autofill is a tool, not for you to be lazy and not fill in the proper information. We apologize that your photo spent three days in the queue...I suppose it\\'s not enough that we screen thousands of photos a day already. Do what you should have done the first time around and re-upload it with the proper info."

    I think that's not the tone what I deserve, there's no reason on it. I wasn't lazy, just used the auto-fill function, as I used hundred times before, I didn't know the s/n. Why I said the pic spent more than three days in the queue, to explain what probably happened (that in the meantime sbody wrote the s/n in), not to complain about the long screening. So I'm totally disappointed now...

    To avoid misunderstanding: I don't want to my picture get accepted in any cost, I'd just like to tell everybody, what kind of interesting events could happen, and to tell, I think I had enough, and I wont be uploading any more in the future...

    with Best Regards:

    Attila Gabor

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    First of all, chill out mate!! I think most of us here have already made the mistake to completely rely on the autofill function every time they upload a photo and I guess it's a learning process to understand and accept that the autofill is not always correct.

    Second, I don't think I fully understand your problem. You're saying that uploading your photo without the CN is legitimate based on the fact that there is one single other photo in the db that's missing the CN too?? Does that mean you did check the db for that registration upon uploading, but nevertheless decided not to include the CN??

    Oh and saying that you simply didn't know the CN is just not acceptable, as there are 4 other pics in the db showing it. You could have also checked other databases, like for example


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      Why do you think I'm nervous? I think I wrote down the whole story, in a most staid, and objective way. What I tried to explain: When I'm uploaded that pic, there's been no s/n in the db, it was wrote in by sbdy, or show in the meantime, during the photo was in the queue. Or a system error happened, and the auto-fill was worked well for the others, and not for me, but it's so improbable... Whatever happened, punish me by this wasn't honorable IMHO. I didn't find any issue about the auto-fill function is not working properly.

      Anyway, I just want to wrote down the whole story, not more...

      regards: Atika


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        You've hopefully learned the lesson that the autofill doesn't always fill in everything. Right at the very top of the upload page you will see the following text under the heading "Autofill"....

        By filling in one or both of the data fields below and pressing Auto-Fill, the system will attempt to automatically fill in the Aircraft, Airline, Location, and Registration fields for you. Fields which have been completed by the Auto-Fill system have a darker background than the rest of the page.

        I have highlighted in red some words that should give the clue that not everything necessarily gets filled in. When I'm screening and I see that the c/n is missing I first look at the other pictures in the database. If the c/n is there then I reject. I have no way of knowing if someone has added the c/n since the picture was uploaded.
        If the c/n is not there in the other pictures then I do a Google search of the registration. In the case of your Uzbekistan picture the very first result in a Google search shows the c/n of your aircraft. In that case I reject again...because it is the photographers responsibility to get it right.

        Just to put all this into perspective. Over my last 100 or so uploads I don't think I've had more than 4 or 5 rejections. I was quite proud of that ...until I got 2 or 3 rejected for not selecting Military genre. Really pissed me off actually but it was my fault, I didn't check. So I patiently re-uploaded and spent another 3 or 4 days waiting for the result. I may be crew but there's no favouritism, we wait just as long as you.

        The point to be made here is that, even though I'm a screener, even I can get it wrong and have to wait, just like everyone else.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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          the thing is... you have to understand that nobody can 100% rlly on the auto-fill. I don't exactly know for the others but that's what I do when I see a pic with no CN :

          1) Check the DB. If there's one pic with the cn - REJECT. And if some pics in the DB have no cn I just send corrections so all CN can be added and the uploders who gets a cn rejection doesn't get upset.
          2) if there's no other pic in DB or no cn, I just type the reg in Google. If it takes me more than 5 sec to find the cn I usually ACCEPT it and make the correction myself. If in less than 5sec I get the correct cn then I think that the uploader could have spent those 5 sec looking for it too and I REJECT the pic.

          Yes we do accept pics with no Cn, sometimes with good reasons sometimes by mistake. Sorry yours was rejected but I'm sure you can understand that it's just a small mistake and no such big deal.



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            Brian beat me by 4 tiny minutes


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              Hi Atika, in this "game" we must learn to live with rejections. we have to enjoy uploading and waiting for the result instead of getting upset.

              It's true. sometimes screeners write the answer to an appeal thinking of I don't know what, but we all do that sometime so, so... this must be experience.

              My personal experience says that the c/n of an aircraft is always around there and you can't say that the rejection is wrong because there is another picture without the c/n in db. It happened to me once, the same that happened to you and I appeal and the answer was that when I uplaoded the pic the c/n was already available in the net. And the screener was right. The first place to check is another database.

              I'd re uploaded because is a good pciture and keep this as a good experience


              Will I ever repeat this?


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                To make my point clear once again: I'm not upset, and I'm not complaining upon the rejection, nor the long screening process. I'd just like to write the story, and my opinion down, for everybody to read, I think it's edifying. (And I think most of the photographers agree with me, but it doesn't matter). That's all...

                There's been some question in me, like: What's more important for the jetphotos, to make rigorosous rules based on a bugged system, or keep much more photographers, collect more photos (which are completely acceptable anyway), and earn more&more money? I don't really care now, so you don't mind...

                regards: Atika


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                  Originally posted by Atika
                  I'd just like ... to tell, I think I had enough, and I wont be uploading any more in the future...
                  Which would be sad to see (or not to see)!


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                    I'd just like ... to tell, I think I had enough, and I wont be uploading any more in the future...

                    ....which would be shame because, forgetting the c/n issue, your Uzbekistan Tupolev picture is a good one.

                    and earn more&more money
                    As far as I know, no-one earns any money out of this site except a photographer who might sell a shot as a result of a picture being here. Chris Kilroy make take some money in Elite fees and advertising fees but I'll bet that most of that goes to the costs of running a site like this.
                    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                      Originally posted by brianw999

                      ....which would be shame because, forgetting the c/n issue, your Uzbekistan Tupolev picture is a good one.
                      BRIAN !!!!!!!! When the #### are you going to learn ??? Repeat after me now .... Every shot of a Tupolev is a good shot !!!! You'll write that 200 times for tomorrow !!!


                      okay I need a glass of wine now


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                        Da, tovarich. Nostrovya.
                        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                          One of the sites I use to check c/n is below. Hasn't got everything but hey.