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  • small prop?

    Sorry for bringing this one up again but I don't want to have to re-submit to the 6200 like the original upload. I have categorised the Tucano RAF prop trainer as 'small prop'. Am I correct in doing this. It is such a tricky category to call IMO, but fun .


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    I'd say Yes....because I uploaded one as a small prop last week and it was accepted. !!
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      I uploaded a Tucano of the Arg. Air Force without clicking on the small prop category and it got in too ...


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        That's a borderline case. Those "props" are among the largest single prop planes in the world, along with all WW2 fighter. A TBM Avenger is huge, so is the P-47 and so on... Those are not considered as small prop but only vintage. If you look here I would say "yes" as a Socata TBM-700 is selected as small prop.
        As it's a borederline case, just leave a note to the screener and we'll take care of checking the right category.

        Best regards

        PS : Alberto, Viva River Plate !!! (signed "The biggest River Plate fan in Switzerland")
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          I would not select it and leave a note to the screeners, that you did not know if to select or not.


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            Originally posted by Omar Alex Saffe
            a Socata TBM-700 is selected as small prop.
            I would also put the Trainers PC-7, 9 and 21 into this category.

            Same for the the PC-6 which is already borderline IMO - but according to the linked post, even the PC-12 is "small" ... (I'll get over it, sometimes )
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              Originally posted by bleuair
              even the PC-12 is "small" ... (I'll get over it, sometimes )
              LOL same for me