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Help Needed with 2 rejected photos !

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  • Help Needed with 2 rejected photos !


    well as the title says a need help with a couple of rejected photos.

    Here they are.

    Firstly, Dark ???? I dont see how this photo is dark, the dash 8 stands out well and is well lit up. Yes theres long shadows as it was taken early morning. Bad colour ?? Appart from the sun giving the dash 8 that more yellow look as its the early morning sun.


    JPEG Compression Artifacts, I dont know how to spot these ? Maybe i cropped the original in to far ??

    These are the only 2 that i will need help with, Because i dont personally see whats wrong with them, Appart from number one which is Oversharpened maybe.

    Anyhow, Im not going to start saying im right your wrong, I just need help to get these up to standards.



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    For the first one: it look's a bit like there's too much saturation, that give the colors an unnatural look.

    For the second one: you can see the jpeg artifacts i.e. at the windows. This results of saving and editing jpeg's more than onetime or if you use too low quality settings while saving.


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      Could too much noise reduction be an issue in #2?

      By thw way, very nice sunlight colours in thje second one


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        Ermm yeah im just getting to grips with neat image to reduce noise artifacts.

        Right, Brighter, Less noise reduction. and less saturation.

        Does the photo look ok now ?



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          The colour comment on the FlyBe probably refers to the "Fly" part of the FlyBe title. It should be a light blue but it's showing as grey. Use the grey point colour pick tool in the Curves function ( The middle of the three pick's ) and use the main gear tyres for the reference point. Increase brightness by about +10...but remember, I'm looking at an already processed image. This is what I came up with.....

          The compression in the other one is seen around the window edges and babyface tail logo where the edges become "wrinkled". The surest giveaway is in the sky though which is very "Blocky". Equalise the image and the blockiness leaps out at you.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Wow brian !! that looks amazing.

            The image looks so oringe on mine, i think there might be some sort of Dawn Filter effect, I use Picture Project, I'll see what i can come up with in about 10 mins, Thank you so much brian.



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              Mr. Thomsonfly, If a pic is underexposed is easy to see and i think is one of the less subjective reasons of rejection.

              You just have to check the histogram and you'll notice with no big difficulty when the pic is under/well or / overexposed seeing if the curve is to the left, at the center or to the right.

              note the image below. It's something like that.

              Underexposed is easy to fix. I use "Curves" in PS.

              Hope it helps

              Will I ever repeat this?