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Requesting a larger Upload size ?

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  • Requesting a larger Upload size ?


    What do i have to do to request a larger upload size, Im abit confused on what to write ?? I have 21 photos in the database already, I sent off a email about a larger upload size on the upload form, And i have heard nothing back from anyone, No email to say wether im allowed or not allowed, Or saying why im not allowed. I sent the request a good week and a half ago.

    I have Photos that are ready to be uploaded in 1600x1200 pix, From my new D-SLR.

    Thanks. Mike.

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    On the up-load page under "Photographer Details" you can request a larger upload size and it will be decided if you are ready for it. Though I must say that you should not be surprised if you rejection ration wents up by a good margin at 1600x1200, as many small errors become more visible at that size.


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      If you are approved you have to be certain that your rejection ratio is kept low. I had the badluck of having at one time 5 out of 10 pictures rejected for different reasons and I lost my privilege to upload at 1600 (which was alright no complaint). So I am back at 1024 X 683.


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        Well im on a roll at the moment ive had 9 out of 10 photos accepted, I think i'll stick at 1024 pix for the time being.


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          Originally posted by Thomsonfly757RB211 View Post
          Well im on a roll at the moment ive had 9 out of 10 photos accepted, I think i'll stick at 1024 pix for the time being.
          It is well worth the wait. I made sure I was confident with 1024px before requesting a larger upload size. Fortunatley it was granted. Every now and then I will take a picture worthy of a 1600px size. As stated, small errors that you may get away with at 1024px will stand way out at 1600px.

          Good luck.


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            Don't forget folks, getting a 1600 upload permission doesn't mean you HAVE to upload everything at 1600. You can still use the smaller sizes.

            I have a 1600 permission but generally upload at 1200, if only for the fact that a 1200 fits most monitor screens without having to scroll up/down and sideways to see all the picture.
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              Personnally I have the permission to upload at 1600, but for me it's over, i'm not uploading at this size anymore and will remain at 1024. You get your pictures rejected for almost nothing ! The picture has to be utterly flawless. Besides be preapred for your rejetion rate to increase (apparantly it's statistic, and it applies perferctly to me).

              Last rejection:

              Not challenging it, but it's frustrating because at first glance, the pic looks okay and the 1600 size makes it better on my 1920x1200 screen...


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                As explained above, at larger sizes, the flaws become far more apparent.
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