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Photoshop saving issue... I think...

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  • Photoshop saving issue... I think...

    Hi there,

    I have noticed that whenever I edit a photo on photoshop, it looks decent when viewed through photoshop, however after saving the image and viewing the jpeg, the photo looks pretty awful, and almost looks like the original file before being sharpened.

    I can not post any images as obviously I can not seem to save the file and keep the crisp and clean picture

    I'm saving the photos as Jpeg, image quality 12, Baseline (standard) and size 56.6 Kbps.

    Is there anything that can be done to retain the editted image during saving? Perhaps it my method of sharpening?

    I open a new channel, find edges, invert colours, go back to RGB and sharpen, then save the image as JPEG.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards,


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    Hello, try to use "save for web" it better compress the image to jpg and you can watch the pic as it will be saved.

    Just save it the 100% quality, no compression, and let me know if it changes something.



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      Hi Chaudard, thanks for the reply.

      I saved it using that method but again afterwards the picture looked pretty bad, however I realised that when using Windows photo gallery (the standard way) the picture looks quite bad, but when using something more advanced such as picture viewer, photoshop or imageready CS2, that the photos appear correctly again. I also uploaded the photo to flickr and it appears a lot sharper than Windows photo gallery views it.

      So it seems using Windows photo gallery makes the images look almost dull and bland. What does everyone else use for viewing photos in a folder?


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        I think it's windows viewer wich reduce the quality while viewing.

        Download that it's a free viewer, very fast and efficient. A lot more better to navigate through your pictures, and faster than acdsee.

        Keep me informed.


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          Well, I think it depends on what resolution you look at your pictures. If it's not at the original size of the pic, some programs have better ways of resizing the photo for viewing than others (I also had some bad surpsirses with the windows viewer, it's not great indeed). However, at the original size, it should look more or less the same, no matter the program, even with windows viewer...


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            Hey guys, thanks for your help. I was looking at the photos at the correct size and resolution, it was just once the photos are editted and resized down, they look aweful when viewed with Windows Photo Gallery.

            I had noticed after editing my photos for the past week, they looked terrible which really put me off as since I'm only just learning to use photoshop. Hopefully this will help others to be wary when using Windows Photo Gallery after editing photos!