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Unfair Rejection due to Bad Date

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    Originally posted by JordanD View Post
    Sadly I can name a few people that do.
    Not good is it. Are you one?


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      Perhaps it would be a good idea to review this thread.

      Diego727 originally asked why the picture was rejected. This is the screening history of the picture clearly showing the date error....


      Tomas Cubero then posted his somewhat inflammatory post re: screening standards including this little comment..
      I have seen loads of pics lately which shouldn't be in the DB at all, overexposed pics, uncentered, even saw a pic with a rotation residue to one of the edges.....
      That's why, for the first time ever, I posted a copy of one of his own overexposed pictures that is in the database

      Having fired the first bullet, he hasn't been heard from since, leaving others to empty the magazine at the crew !


      Diego then replied..
      "The EXIF have the correct date, and the information in the picture too.
      When I made the appeal i wrote that the Date was correct.
      So, What can I wait? JP reject to me a picture with out any reason.....
      That is very sad...."
      ...but the EXIF has not been included with the uploaded picture ? The screeners therefore don't have definitive information at hand to assist with their decision. Quite why photogs don't include the EXIF data is beyond me as it is so very useful at times when screening to get the screening process right, including the ability to check the date and time to the second when the picture was taken.

      Maybe some photogs don't know how to include EXIF data ? If so, here's how.....

      Go to the Members Section....
      Select Change User Info....
      In the "EXIF DATA" box check the Yes button.

      Provided that you use editing software that supports EXIF data, and most software released after 2001 supports EXIF, EXIF data will now be uploaded along with each picture.

      And finally, a couple of suggestions were made that a blacklist exists.

      This is not so, it is not how the crew work. Indeed, shortly after Tomas made his post I screened some of his pictures. All were screened fairly with most of them being instant added.
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        This thread reminds me of the kind of stuff that happens on

        Although IMHO the date should be the last reason for rejection, if a reason at all, it's not that big of a deal for uploaders. I do think that the appeal might have gone through, but it didn't, so reuploading will get the shot in. Here there are no % ratio to see how many slots we have, so rejections are not that big a deal, and this coming from someone who appeals many of them (sorry about that ).

        Consistency is of course a "problem", but that can not be 100% perfect, ever, and quite frankly there is much more consistency here that on other sites.

        I don't want to come out as a screener defender, but accusing jp screeners is just wrong. They make mistakes, of course, but so do we, and just as we correct them, I have found them to do the same. How many appeals are accepted here compared to Most of the times if the appeal makes sense, it'll go through, and if not, usually the screener will leave some sort of comment. Does it always go this way? no, but again, everyone makes mistakes.

        And the most important issue that has been pointed out through this thread is that JP looks for reasons to accept a picture, contrary to sites that look for reasons to reject. I have always thought that and I have not seen indications that this is changing, despite having had a pretty rough acceptance % lately.

        I for one have no intention of leaving jp

        just my 2c ... well, my 50 considering how long the post is