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  • helps in Bad framing

    As the guide said: centering/framing in photography is not a mathematical issue…The photo has to look balanced.
    Thus usually I put the central line of my side-on plane on the center of frame, i.e put the window line of this plane on the horizontal center line of the frame. I got most uploaded, but recently I got the rejections for Bad framing / aircraft not centered.
    I deleted all the rests of in queue and re-crop them into the more strictly balance. I mean I left the empty space on each side of the aircraft (both horizontally and vertically) be equal as possible.
    Now two rejections again.

    Any tips?
    Appreciate you so much.

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    Both photos have the aircraft too low in the frame. And with that kind of shot I fail to see the reason for not centering the plane.


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      Thanks for your reply.
      As mentioned above, previously I used to put the plane on the center but recently I got about three rejections for Bad Composion.
      please see here:

      Thus I wonder if the vertical tail is to the upper edge, compared with the lower gear. Thus I changed into watch the every side is close to equal.
      please see here:

      However, the airplane frame is lower than my previous ones.
      Therefore, I almost lost.


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        As a rule of thumb for side on shots, set the centre point in the middle of the fuselage. Note that this will not always be on the windowline.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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          Originally posted by brianw999 View Post
          As a rule of thumb for side on shots, set the centre point in the middle of the fuselage. Note that this will not always be on the windowline.
          sure, that is what I used to do, please see here, the center of the plane is close to the center of the pic frame.

          but recently I got rejections for this kind, that forces me to change.
          That is why I lost.


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            In that example the plane is too high. The center is roughly at the lower part of the cheatline on the fuselage.


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              Thanks for your reply.
              I will follow this point and delete similar ones in my upload queue.


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                Just try to use your own judgement, make sure the space between the borders of the picture and the aircraft are all around the same space. This is how I decide if a pic is centered or not.


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                  Thanks for your tips. Recently I frenquently meet the issue of "the server is unavaible" thus unable to upload.


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                    bad frame again!
                    This is one of them here above. I re-frame it according to the tips here above but "Bad Frame" again.

                    who show me how to crop it to right frame?


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                      The picture is technically correctly centred. Possibly the 2 rejecting screeners saw it as being visually too high in the frame but's centred according to the rules i.e. same distance from each end to the left and right and same distance from the topmost part of the fuselage( at the fin ) to top of frame and bottommost part of the fuselage ( Lower edge of the nose ) to bottom of frame.

                      Having said all that, the fin and wingtip protruding above the fuselage give a visual effect of being too high in frame with an apparent excess of dead space in the lower half of the frame. I'd lower it a bit in the frame and leave a note to the screeners why it has been lowered.

                      I cannot stress enough the use of notes to screeners. Not enough photogs use this feature which is there to help us to help you.
                      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                        Thanks brianw999.
                        Just as you said, a visual effect of being too high in frame, thus at first time I put it lower but each edge is rough to equal to the pic edge. But it is rejected.
                        Then I put it on the real center, but look higher in this pic.
                        I am exhausted.
                        However, thanks!


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                          My advice would be to center the window line. Works most of the times and is an easy rule to memorize.


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                            I read a lot of people in this thread looking for a definite for line ups of shots and quite frankly, there are no set ways to line a picture up for centering.

                            It's all about balance.

                            Look at the space above and below the pic. Does it look balanced? Equal room above and below?

                            In your last reject Shimin the balance of the pic is way off. Look at the area below the plane, there seems to be an awful lot of it. If you step back and look at the pic the plane seems to be crammed into the top half of the picture.

                            I think if you sit there and say, This window line must go through this line here then your going to keep having problems. If you look at the pic and try for balance between the areas above and below the subject you can't really go wrong.


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                              Appreciate all of your tips! I will try to do better!