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  • Elements 7 workflow

    I am new to the game so I am trying to learn the proper way to edit for accpetable photos. I have elements 7 right now and I am trying to find some workflow examples as a guide. I found Jid Webbs workflow but it's for CS and not exactly the same. Does anyone know of any examples I can use? I also noticed on his example that the aircraft is doesnt fill the frame but when he crops it, it's perfect for the 4:3 ratio. Should I not fill the frame on the orginal shot? Thanks to you all for the help.


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    You should always try to fill the shot as much as you can, leaving some space on the edges for cropping after leveling. If you leave too much space your shot will look like crap when you go to crop it. Even having the grid lines on in my viewfinder I can't keep my shots level.....

    I use Jids work flow with Elements.

    remove any dust spots
    Crop (I use 3:2 ratio)
    then 3 layers (Levels,Hue/Saturation & Brightness/Contrast)
    then I resize to 1024
    USM sharpening.

    save as highest setting for jpg


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      Dave, I didnt see 3:2, or 4:3 ratios as an option. Am I looking in the wrong spot or do you manually type the ratio/ 1024 sizing in their.


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        Sorry Eddie, I no longer have PS installed at work so I had to wait to get home.

        If the tool bar is still down the left hand side look for the out lined box. When you select that you get the radio drop down box above over the top. There you can select presets or normal. Then to the left is where you select landscape/portrait and if you want 3/2 or 4/3

        Hope this helps?
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