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  • workflow question

    Hi all,

    I´ve been wrestling with Jid´s workflow, mainly Sharpening, point 4:

    4. Select the channel palette and press the ‘Create New Channel’ button which is at the bottom of the palette, to the left of the ‘delete bin’ icon. You will see the screen go black as you create this new channel. Now paste your image into the channel.

    I use Photoshop Elements 5.0 whereas the workflow is based on CS3.
    Nowhere in 5.0 can I find the option ´Create new channel´. Am I right? Either this is unavailable yet in 5.0 or I can´t find it. I cannot find other palettes.
    I tried ´help´ in 5.0 but that really wasn´t any help.

    Do you have an idea?
    And don´t say: purchase CS 3



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    I don't think us Elements users have this feature, so I just click on the picture layer and work the USM. Lately I use these numbers:
    amount: 50%
    radius: .5 pixels
    threshold: 0

    I normally have to use this twice and sometimes will apply a third but drop the amount down to 25%


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      My first 2 photos I have done a usm with .2 px and 150 percent, then created a layer and repated it twice., the ctrl+shift and the letter E which flattens it. Some of the other photos I have only done it 1 time with 50-100 percent. I give the screeners a lot of props for seeing the difference.


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        I played with CS3 on someone else's laptop. I tried the workflow part of Shaprpening on a pic I made months ago.
        I couldnt get it to work. I know but little of layers, it's a step too high for me I guess. But in december I have lots of time to learn.

        One question: what picture is to be selected (right side of screen), the background or the background copy?


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          Background copy should be the one selected.