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  • question on EXIF

    I went to Schiphol/AMS today.
    When I got home, I realised I didn't set the time correct: it was still on California time, where I was one and a half month ago. I hadn't used my camera since.

    The EXIF now shows a time that is nine hours earlier then the time I made the pictures.

    1.) Will screeners make a problem of it?
    2.) Should I, when uploading, send a note to the screeners and explain the issue?

    The date is correct though.



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    We usually only check the EXIF if we think, something is wrong, which is in very rare ocasions.

    OTOH, why don't you update the EXIF infos. There are a lot of free tools to change these infos in a batch within a few seconds for a gazillion of photos at a time. I do it with my photos, just because I want to have the correct infos.
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      Thanks, that's a very good advice. I'll see if I can find something on the www.


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        An idea would be to set the camera at UTC time then you would not have to change it every time you travelled and just do a plus or minus depending on what time zone the photo was taken.