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  • Need some help to understand

    Good Evening.

    I recently have 2 pictures rejected for "Dark / Underexposed" reason.
    In the past months, I had some rejected for other reasons I understood but for these 2, honnestly I do not see the "dark/underexposed" problems.
    The light was strange (perhaps because of the snow) but ...

    Here are the links.

    Can anyone help me to understand and most of all to improve ?

    Thanks a lot for your assistance and your advises.

    Have a nice evening.

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    Attached 2 pics showing the histogram. You should move the slider on the right hand side a little bit to the left in your photo editing programm to make the pics brighter and maybe improve the midtones afterwards as well.

    Seeing the pics (esp the 747) and knowing LUX a bit, aren't they shot against the sun?
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      Thanks a lot for your explanation !

      I will try to improve following your advises.

      Concerning the sun ... did you ever see the sun in Luxembourg ?
      More seriousely, the sun was perhaps not in the best position.

      Thanks once more and ... have a nice evening.