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Help wanted with "night" shots

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  • Help wanted with "night" shots

    Hi everyone,

    Last weekend I tried to make some late evening shots; for example of this arriving Kenya 777.
    It was half an hour after sunset, but I thought there must be enough light available to get some acceptable shots.
    I set my ISO to 400, kept the lowest acceptable shutterspeed (according to focal length) and used a exposore-correction of + two steps, to get as much light as possible on the sensor.
    I am not using the newest camera equipment ( EOS 300D + L 70-200), but nevertheless I was dissapointed with the result.
    Much to dark!

    When I tried to brighten it up, lots of noise/grain came up.

    Is there anyone around here who can help me with this kind of "night" shots.
    Where did I go wrong?

    The right thumbnail shows it straight from camera, with only some cropping and resizing done.
    The other one is what I made out of it.

    Every help/advise is more than welcome.

    Thanks in advance


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    Unfortunately we're governed by the laws of physics in circumstances like these. I was at my local the other day and was at ISO 250 just 5 minutes after sunset and there simply wasn't enough light to get an acceptable image. In all honesty, I think you probably just have to accept that in the conditions you were trying to shoot in, unless you're at ISO 1600 or ISO 3200 with your lens wide open (which will look horrendous), you probably won't be able to get anything of any use. There are times when putting the camera away and going to the pub really is the best option!

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      I am to stubborn to agree with that.



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        You won't like it, but physics beats us all in stubbornness.
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          I can tell you that in western europe and in winter, you have roughly 10-15 minutes after sundown in which you can still shoot planes in the sky where the sun went down, anything else is tripod country by then.


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            If so many experienced photographers say the same thing about this; I have to admit that I was wrong
            And.............missed my first beer in the pub, while freezing to death on an airport, waiting for an impossible afternoon shot.

            I've learned my lesson well.

            Thanks guys,