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  • Bad postprocessing question

    Some rejected picture of mine with reason "Bad postprocessing" and the screener said "You have a halo around the entire plane. Not sure how you process your shots but you over did it all around."

    How can I find the halo around the plane clearly ? Please help me to edit my photo for the acception .
    Thanks a lot .

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    How can I find the halo around the plane clearly
    I think this is the halo:

    All you have to do is equalise your photo in Photoshop to see it.


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      To check for halos you must equalise your image as if you were looking for dust spots. The Halos will then become clear.

      It is difficult to say how you ended up with the halos in these pictures without first knowing more about your editing process but it probably has a lot to do with how you have Feathering set in your photo editor. Too wide a setting could have caused this.

      The following has been a useful standard workflow to follow in order to avoid issues such as this.
      If you stick with this you cant go far wrong.


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        MOst likely use of shadow/highlight tool or similar tools in other software.


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          Thanks for your fast replies !

          But I got this accept photo with taken as same day . When I checked the equalizer in CS3, it showed me the halo too .



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            "Reasons to accept". We saw the halo but found it borderline acceptable, as it was less visible against they sky. Mostly because of a slightly different angle, which means that there are no bigger parts of sky in which the halos around different parts of the aircraft does overlap and change the brightness and colour even more in those parts.

            See between the egine and wing on the 737 for example. The sky is nearly white there.
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              A good way to avoid haloes is to first create a background layer. Process the picture and then delete all of the sky part.

              Flatten the image.

              This will leave an unprocessed sky and delete any haloes that may have appeared.

              This is a rather simplistic approach but it will give you a starting point.
              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                I set the "Active D-Lighting" ON (Normal) on my D90 when I took those photos . I think the problem of halo came from that selection (the photo will be brighter than setting it OFF) .
                I'll try to take photos again

                To brianw999 : Thanks a lot, I'll try your tip next time (I got approx 70 photos with halo with my D90 Active D-Lighting set ON, so it's hard to edit all of them )


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                  "Active D-Lighting" does cause halos, so that should be the cause.


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                    I'm not familiar with the D90. When you set "D lighting" to on do you get one D lighting pic and one normal pic, or just a D lighting adjusted pic ?

                    About the only "Auto" item set on my D80's is auto white balance. Everything else is off or manual.
                    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                      The lesson to be learned here: Shoot RAW! You will then not have problems with the camera processing the images in the wrong way.

                      And yes, I am fully aware that this will lengthen the time spent post processing. But it's well worth it IMHO.


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                        The lesson to be learned here: Shoot RAW!
                        I have to agree with that. The image is much more manageable in PS. You'll need to download a RAW plugin although I think CS3 may be already set up for RAW.
                        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                          Thanks for all comments, I was learned very much
                          In the past, I used D70s and the camera is not contained the D-Lighting system, so I set up all manual to take the photo . With my D90, it's new for me .
                          Today I go to take the photo again and waiting for the queue (hope my phtos will be accepted )