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Level rejection. I'm stuck!

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  • Level rejection. I'm stuck!

    Hello everyone,

    O got this pic rejected for level

    The problem is if I use the antenna, everything else gets unlevelled, and the same thig happens if I use the lap posts (note that there are two next to eachother and they are not even parallel!) .. so what should I do? There are no two equal verticals and I'm afraid that no matter what I use it will always look unlevel.

    All help will be greatly appreciated



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    Hi Alberto,

    You're right, I just tried to level it using one of the lamp posts and that made the antenna look like it was leaning to the right. I guess there is no right way of leveling this one.

    I'd try an appeal explaining the seniors what you just did here.


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      In my opinion the photo needs a little bit of CW rotation. Disregard the red/white antenna in the background.
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        Level rejection I know the feeling Alberto.To my eyes the rejection was one of those harsh level rejections.Between .05 and .08 cw to me.At 46mm (reading the exif data)the center of the photo is needed for accuarate leveling but here there are no reliable indicators.I would do the ever so slight cw or appeal.


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          Give it 0.75 CW rotation.

          I ran a level line along the base of the fence line on the left. This brings everything to a visually level view.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Thank you Gianluca and Gerardo!

            Before appealing I tried one more go with it. Would you say this is better? Again, having no reference made it complicated so I just did it until it felt right, but I could be wrong.


            if I am way off I'll try appealing the first rejection

            thanks to both again for you advice!


            Last edited by Alberto U.; 2008-12-21, 23:44. Reason: by when I replied Brian and David had not written yet, so I want to thank them as well for their opinion/advice :)


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              The rework works for me Alberto.
              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                Originally posted by brianw999 View Post
                The rework works for me Alberto.
                Thank you very much sir!

                And in case I don't post inthe next few days, happy holidays to everyone