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"Subject too far / too much dead space"

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  • "Subject too far / too much dead space"


    This photo was rejected today by JP's screeners because of "Subject too far / too much dead space"

    I agree that the plane is a bit far on the frame, nevertheless I think that this is what makes this photo special with the perspective of the plane over the highway.

    I've appealed for this photo, but unfortunately the appeal was rejected.

    This photo was accepted by, and it is doing very well in that site. (Top 4 week !).

    What do you, JP members (& JP crew members also...)think about this photo?

    Best regards & happy new year 2009 !


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    Unfortunately I agree with the screeners. It is indeed an interesting perspective but you have to bear in mind the focus of your photo (for JP at least) is the aircraft, not the road sign. I'm a little surprised this didn't actually get a bad motive rejection as well for that reason.

    As for it being accepted elsewhere, sites do have varying standards and you will always find certain images are accepted on one site yet rejected from others. It's just a case of knowing what the different sites want and expect. In this case, although it's an interesting image, it just isn't for JP.

    All the best to you in 2009, too!

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      Paul is quite right, too much sign although I do find signs interesting - not for JP.

      All the best .. Jid


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        In addition to what Paul and Jid have said already, you can hardly even make out the Highway as it's obstructed by the grass.

        Perspectives like this can work but you have to think very carefully. Most of the ones i've seen on JP are ones where the aircraft is crossing a body of water and you can see the reflection of the aicraft in the water.

        Unfortunately for me a highway sign isn't aviation related. Maybe Higwaysigns.met might be interested


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          If you would have taken the shot from the bridge crossing the highway, then the shot might have worked.


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            Thanks for all answers.


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