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  • Problem-Please help!

    Ok this was more of a mistake than a problem...on my canon powershot digital cam, I put a ton of pics from spotting at DCA on my comp, only to find out that I had accidentally put my cam on widescreen mode, which made each picture way too big to upload on JP (each pic was like 3200x2000 or something of the sort I'm not being percise here). Some of these pics in my opinion are very high quality and if there's ANY way for me to use some software aside from photobucket or image shack to reduce the size of these images to JP requirements WITHOUT lowering the quality of these pics (if that's even possible). I'm kind of new to this hobby so sorry if this seems like a funny question. Appreciate soon answers, thanks in adv ver much

    oh and if this software you speak of is downloadable, I will consider it if it's free. Like I said, I'm kinda new to all this stuff, so sorry if there happens to be no such thing as free downloadable software for these things, I'm just learnin my way
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    Before posting your picture to you almost always have to crop and process you software in a photo processing program. A photo which is 3200x2000 like you mentioned is not a problem at all. Most programs will do a good job resizing it without any serious quality reduction. Just edit it in a picture processing program until it looks good. (didn't some program came with your camera when you bought it?)

    Most people here seem to use a version of Photoshop or Photoshop elements. Those programs are not free but you can download trial versions from Download it and decide if you like it. There are many free tutorials on the web for this software and some on this site to help you out with the program.

    If you want it really free, then google the web and look for free software to download. The most famous free one is called "The Gimp". This program can do almost everything but has a very steep learning curve. I would not recommend it, if you are new to all this.

    Have a look here:

    This thread contains the guideline for uploading to It also has some handy links to workflows for editing your pictures.

    And, if you are ready: show us some stuff!



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      It's always best practice to take a photo in the largest size and highest quality mode that your camera will allow. So make sure you select the biggest size photo and on the finest quality size. Refer to your manual on how to do this.
      You will then have an image which needs editing/post processing before you can upload it to jetphotos. 99% of the time you will never have a photo that you can take straight from the camera and upload. You will always need to edit it. If this means having to purcahse software then you will need to do so. This editing process will allow you to downsize the image with minimal quality loss, will allow you to alter brightness/contrast/colours; alter the horizon so the image is level; sharpen it so it doesn't look fuzzy and soft; allow you to center the aircraft in the photo.
      Think of the image from the cameram as a digital negative. You need to alter that negative into something that you can then upload. So you then need to load the image into an image manipulation program. Probably the most common used ones are Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Most Canon cameras usually come with a copy of Photoshop Elements so it might be worth looking through your box to see if it did. If not Photoshop Elements can be purchased quite cheaply. The full version of Photoshop costs alot more.
      Other programs you can purchase include PaintShop Pro or if you want free software there is one called GIMP. Obviously JP can't condone the illegal downloading of these programs so please do the right thing.

      Once you've got the photo into the imaging prog then you need to edit it. Jid has produced a great workflow that you can use as a

      There are a couple of other workflows linked in the photo upload guidelines under photo editing.

      Hope this helps a little, but i'm afraid uploading to JP requires a little more hard work than just pressing the shutter button on your camera and expecting to have a perfect uploadable image.


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        Photoshop "kind lookalike"

        I see you are looking for a program to edit your photos. There is a free (not a trial) french program called "Photo Filtre" the link to the site: on that page you have a choice for either the program in French or English.
        There are 2 programs Photo Filtre which is free and a trial for Photo Filtre Studio.

        There are at this moment 36 plug-ins you can add to Photo Filtre make your choice.


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          I alrwady downloaded GIMP, its a cool software, I learned how to use it kind of, but i Don't know how really to save a cropped version of my pic. To my dissapointment pic quality was reduced after saving my pics through editing with gimp, but i guess that's a given. I'll try out that french software soon, too. for kicks. thanks again

          I'll show you guys my photo edits soon so you can tell me how I've done and what I should do. thanks in adv


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            You need to ensure that the program is saving the image at the highest quality possible. I'm not sure about Gimp, but photoshop has a sliding quality scale when you save an image that allows you to change the quality, which determines the file size. The scale changes the amount of compression that is used when you save the image.