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When to use saturation adjustments?

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  • When to use saturation adjustments?

    Just would like some advice on when to edit using the saturation slider. I know to use it when you have a not so sunny day but what are some signs when looking at a photo if you need to use it?


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    I have my camera set to "Natural" which means no added contrast or saturation so i find each shot needs around +10 of each. Depends on what your camera is set to.


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      I only use that slider when I see that trees or grass are not really green.


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        It's just one of those thing you learn in time. I tend to make very similar editing steps in Photoshop because I try make every photo similar when it leaves my camera. My standard is +16 (In ACR/CS3) but if I think the image needs a little less (generally on a day where the light is superb and the exposure is very good) I might only go to +5. If it needs more (like frosty winter mornings often do) I might go to +20.

        There's no correct technique for saturation really. That said, spend time looking at photos already in the database and compare yours to them. If yours lack colour by comparison to those you see on JP taken in similar conditions, add more saturation. If it looks oversaturated by comparison, use less.

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