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I canīt get it right

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  • Hinkelbein
    Thanks guys for the email messages. I will be sending the picture soon, today I've other things to do. Appreciate your responses!!

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  • Hinkelbein
    started a topic I canīt get it right

    I canīt get it right

    Hi all,

    I have a picture which is not too good. I try to make the best of it, but when it comes to sharpening the pic, things go wrong. Jaggies appear. I am a basic photoshopper, so the workflow for experienced users is simply too much for me ( No matter how clearly things are explained there, I canīt get it done.

    Is there some one who wants to try?

    The pic is not that special, but the white KLM plane in the background is. Thatīs why I want to keep the pic, but in better shape then it is now.

    The white plane came into KLM service in july 2008 I think. This picture however is from january 2007 ...

    If some one wants to give it a try, PM me and Iīll send the unedited/uncropped picture.

    Thanks in advance!