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Another over processed question

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  • Another over processed question

    Please explain for me the detail of these rejected photo . Thanks a lot

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    To me, the problem is the sky. Looks like the plane was dark so you brightened it (looks good) but the sky was the victim. No detail.

    Duplicate the layer and on the top layer add a layer mask. With the layer mask selected either paint the sky or plane solid black. It won't show on the main image, but if you go back and edit the bottom layer it will only change the area that you painted black. That way you can selectively edit certain layers of the image.
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      The problem here is first one looks to be way overdone with noise reduction. But the shot to me looks slightly blurry also.

      The second shot, well that IS blurry and won't make it into the db. Its also very noisy.

      The sky really is not the issue here. We kunderstand that the sky in places like Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of polution and the sky make look a little different.