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Citation Cockpit Overexposed

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  • Citation Cockpit Overexposed

    Hey guys,

    Got a shot of a Citation that operates out of Ardmore here in New Zealand however it just got rejected.

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    Rejection Reason(s):>>
    - Overexposed
    - Too much or too little contrast

    Was it rejected for the dash being over exposed because that will always be like that will it not when taking a photo inside a cockpit?

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    You need to expose for the outside of the aircraft and use fill flash for the cockpit. So no, it won't always be like that.

    Take an exposure while pointing your camera at the windscreen and then switch over to manual and get your flash going. Make sure though that you are within your flash sync limits.
    Tanner Johnson - Owner
    twenty53 Photography


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      Yes this is a common problem with cockpit shots, we see a lot of them come through. As Tanner said, your camera should have a setting for backlit flash shots, or fill flash, something like that. That way you should get the correct exposure for the outside and inside. Some examples...



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        Thanks so much guys. I am learning things as I go and boy oh boy its such fun to experiment. Appreciate the time!