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  • Which Monitor? Help Me Choose

    I am gonna upgrade my monitors as the one I have is letting me down a bit on the editing front.

    I currently have a Samsung 226BW (22") and its starting to bleed a little.

    So I have narrowed down the search to 4 monitors.

    1. Dell Ultrasharp 27" Read a few reviews and although a good monitor, some say its not up to photo editing.

    2. Dell Ultrasharp 24" Cant find anything bad said about this monitor, cant understand though why it would not be as bad as photo ediyting as its big brother as they are using the same technology and res.

    3. Samsung T240HD 24" Widescreen LCD Freeview Monitor Meant to be a good monitor + has a freeview doo dar,

    4. Acer G24 Gaming Monitor Comes with good reviews, but nothing about its photo editing qualities.

    Advice and help always appreciated.
    Lee "Shaggy" Shand

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    Assuming that you have the budget and want the best try

    And look at

    These are what the professionals would use but some might consider these brands to be overkill if all you do with your images is upload them to the web.


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      Cheers mate. May be a little too costly for me. What i was thinking i maybe get the Dell 27" then borrow a spider from some nice sharing JP member ?
      Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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        Do you have a particular reason why you need such a large monitor?

        Maybe a smaller monitor might leave enough budget for a calibration tool as well?


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          Originally posted by Shaggy View Post
          I currently have a Samsung 226BW (22") and its starting to bleed a little.
          What do you mean by this Shaggy? I have a Samsung, must I now start worrying?


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            I want a big monitor cos I like big monitors Great for Flight Sim. I currently have 2 22" together, i want to give my son one of them and then use the samsung as my second monitor.

            When I say bleed i mean when you have dark images on, like a dark screensaver, or a black background you will see round the edges of the monitor that the image is not black, it bleeds through a lightness of color.

            I have tried to calibrate it with Adobe Gamma and the colors just dont look right. Too damn bright.
            Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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              I've recently bought a Samsung T220 Syncmaster which is essentially the 22 inch version of the T240.
              Well pleased with it. Good contrast and sharpness with no serious bleeding. As far as I know you will always get a certain degree of bleed on any monitor. It certainly performs much better than my old CRT.
              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                I never research anything i buy, always end up getting the wrong thing, spend a load more money on the right thing, etc etc. So this time i am researching.

                Its driving me nuts.

                27" has input lag, colours poor out the box but there are custom profiles available to fix this. Will input lag effect me though i ask myself, i do play FPS games for time to time.

                24" has the same input lag issues, but i really want the 27", colours are ment to be slightly better.

                Then Hazro comes up with an affordable 30", yes its 100 more, but its just another thing to throw into the mix.

                Then there are the Samusungs, the HP's which get stunning reviews and the list goes on.

                I AM GOING MAD
                Lee "Shaggy" Shand